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material: photoshop poster, sketches
size: 36" x 24"
date: 2005


Poumon Rose is a campaign in reaction to the problematic of smoking in Montreal's Metro stations. The disturbance caused by smoking in these non-smoking public spaces is a general concern, because the underground train is a necessary means of transportation for many people. In order to create a healthy and enjoyable environment for everyone the laws about smoking needs to be respected more rigorously. The design interventions I suggest consist of the installation of pink lung-shaped ashtrays and the dissemination of graphic signage.The ashtrays would be placed at each entry of the Metro stations and the graphic intervention would consist of different signage and pins available at the cashier to express people's opinion on the subject. The ashtray's form goes beyond its function creating a metaphor between the ashtray and lungs. As a result it is discouraging the user from smoking and increasing social awarness about the negative effects of secondary smoke in metro stations.