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material: upholstered steel frame,maple runners
date: 2006
Collaborators: Chelsea Green
Marc Bastien, Peter Yee

In considering children who may not have total control of their lower bodies, the primary interest of this project was to combat the restrictions to physical proximity and interaction enforced by wheelchairs, standers, and other current assistive technologies. Rocking Care is a special rocking chair that allows for an adult caregiver to sit comfortably while supporting a child in recline. This assistive device actively promotes social and physical interaction between a caregiver and a child. Rocking Care has specially designed, articulated wings on either side that provide all the necessary support and comfort without getting in the way. Studies link the vestibular stimulation invoked by rocking motion with an observable decrease in spontaneously emitted, aimless head, mouth and body movements amongst mentally and physically handicapped patients. ( Ohira D., Maekawa H., Mitada A.)